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Day&Night Blind

The Made to Measure Day&Night Blind is, without a doubt, a product with a careful, stylish and modern design.

Available in two versions: 2T and 3T, and with two gallery sizes, it allows the entry of light to be regulated by superimposing stripes of the fabric of greater opacity on those of lesser intensity.

Available in a wide range of colours and textures these blinds are a modern and beautiful alternative to roller blinds.

Adicionally as a novelty on the market we offer VERTICAL DAY&NIGHT BLIND that is made up of vertical bands that combine a tighter fabric with a lighter one, so that you can regulate the intensity of the light that enters through the window, obtaining total privacy by running the slats towards their most opaque side.

This is the night-day effect that has already been used in roller blinds!

They slide along a rail, like vertical blinds, and the bands can be collected on the right or left side.

This system doesn't have a chain at the bottom, which allows passage without having to collect the blind that makes is the ideal solution for sliding doors.

Motorized options are available for all Day&Night Blind models.


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